Cutting Back on Unnecessary Things to Have a Super Apartment

Some things you can compromise on, and some things you cannot. We choose every day when it comes to how we spend our money. We make coffee at home rather than buying it on the way to work. We added it up, and the savings over a single month is over $200 for the two of us. Taking a brown bag lunch saves hundreds more. We added up all of our expenses including our long commute times, and we found that we could afford a nicer apartment we saw at this website simply because it was only minutes from where we both worked. Instead of a 45 minute commute each way in two cars, we could, if we wanted, take a bicycle to work in the summer now.

The Cedars of Edina has so much more than the place we were moving from. Two pools, one indoors and one outdoors, and the same for the spas. Continue reading

The Reason We Need to Move

There are hundreds of reasons why someone moves to a new house or apartment. Some people have to move because of job opportunities while others move because of retirement. Some move because they are getting married while others move because their marriage has just ended. I started looking at Jackson MS apartments for rent a few days ago because I just need a bigger place to live. My husband and I have been living in the same apartment since we got married four years ago.

We are really happy here, and it is located in a great part of town. However, it only has one bedroom. Since it is just the two of us, that really should not be a problem, but it turns out that it is. Continue reading