Sessions & Classes



One on one sessions

All new clients are required to have a one on one session so Sue can design the appropriate programme to meet your needs, whether they are rehabilitation or performance related. These sessions are also ideal if you are recovering from an injury, surgery or have a long-standing condition. Ideally, all new clients starting mat classes will also have at least a one on one session to learn the Pilates principles.

Principle $88 Physio $78 other Instructor $70

Individual semi supervised sessions

Semi-supervised sessions involve one instructor working with two clients. These are ideal once you have mastered the basic Pilates techniques and require less supervision but still need close monitoring of specific exercises.

Principal $48 Physio $45 other instructors $40

Individual unsupervised sessions

Once you have mastered the Pilates techniques and have a good understanding of your personal programme, you can attend Bodyright Studio for unsupervised sessions. We advise you have a regular (for example, monthly) one on one or semi-supervised session to enable our instructors to keep track of your progress and update your personal exercise programme.

$20 per session – $160 10 sessions prepaid – $280 20 sessions prepaid

Matwork classes

Bodyright Studio offers weekly matwork classes for up to 12 people. These classes provide a total body workout focusing on fitness and toning at a cost effective price. Separate classes are structured for Beginners I, Beginners II, Intermediate, and Small Equipment. You will be required to attend a one on one session prior to starting matwork classes. The focus of this session will be to teach you the basic principles of Pilates including breathing, neutral spine, shoulder girdle and neck alignment, accessing your deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles.

Note: these
classes are not suitable for those suffering low back
pain, neck pain, injuries or undergoing rehabilitation
from injuries.

$20 pre class or 5 classes paid in advance $80

Pilates circuit classes – New!

Bodyright Studios has new Pilates circuit classes delivering a total body workout. These classes are designed around 22 stations that use our large equipment including reformers, trapeze tables, ladder barrels and so on. Exercises will be documented at each station and all participants will be supervised throughout the circuit.

$25 per class or 10 classes paid in advance $200 Note: our classes are very popular so please call Michelle to check if spaces are available.

See Bodyright Studio session and class times and Bodyright Studio charges for more information